Red Deer
By Steve Mahurin

The Red Deer is an exotic in the state of Texas, but a resident in Asia, Europe, England, Scotland and many other areas. This animal is a cousin of our North American Elk. So being a cousin, it was quickly established that they would readily interbreed with our elk and had to be kept separately on the many game ranches where they had been introduced.

The red deer stag of course is the only one of the tribe that has antlers. It's antlers, as well as coloring are very similar to our elk. The mature male Red Deer stag, has a unique horn difference from the American species. At around 6 years or so at the tips of the antlers a cluster of points form on the main beam that is called a crown.

The males will stand about four feet at the shoulder and weigh from 300 to 600 pounds. The females will weigh in around 250 pounds.

Written by Steve Mahurin on July 30, 2000.

Red Deer

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