By Steve Mahurin

The Nilgai Antelope is an import from the once game rich continent of India. Their first appearance is said to have been in the 1930's when the famous King Ranch brought a few to their property just to look at. They have multiplied to an almost pest status in the millions of acres surrounding the King Ranch since then.

One of the main characteristics of the mature males of this species is the bluish, slate color of its hide. The females and young males of the species are tan in color. This Nilgai has a number of nicknames, but the most used is the Blue Bull.

A big bull can weigh over 600 pounds and the females tipping the scales up to 450 pounds. Although the Nilgai is quite large in body size it's horns will run from 8 - 10 inches long.

Although these animals are probably one of the oddest looking of the exotics they are also one of the hardest to put down. The larger calibers such as 30/06 on up are recommended when hunting this tasty but tough import to the Texas hunting scene.

Written by Steve Mahurin on July 30, 2000.


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