Mouflon Sheep
By Steve Mahurin

The Mouflon Sheep hails from the Corsica, Sardinia, and the Grecian Islands. This sheep is also the smallest of the wild sheep of the world. It's white saddle patch, white belly, brown back, black mane, and black-brown face makes it arguably one of the prettiest of the sheep clan. The rams horns curl out, down, and back in toward the eyes. A mature ram will nearly always have one or the other horn broomed back to around ¾ of a curl so as to be able to see. If the ram brooms his left horn he is called a left-handed ram and on the right a right-handed ram.


There are a number of characteristics that must be met to qualify a ram as a pure Mouflon. These are that the tip-to-tip spread cannot be the greatest spread, the maximum tail length of 4 inches, and maximum body weight of 120 pounds, white belly, short mane, and a white saddle patch in the fall. Animals not meeting this criteria will be considered not pure and is called a Mouflon Type.

Written by Steve Mahurin on July 22, 2000.


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