The Merino Sheep
By Steve Mahurin

This sheep is mainly a domestic species gone wild. This is one of the larger of the sheep species hunted under the exotic species umbrella. Like many of the exotic sheep they can range anywhere from semi tame to downright spooky, according to hunting pressure.

The Merino is a white ram with a body covered in usually heavy wool. This animal is usually a much bigger bodied and has much larger horns than one of the other species of the same age. This makes them a sought after addition to a trophy room wall. A Merinos horns grow up, back around, and then back down. Some of them will even repeat that process and make a second curl. A big male can weigh up to 200 pounds and a good-sized female up to 120-130 pounds.

With their snowy white pelt and golden, honey colored, sweeping horns they make an impressive mount.

Written by Steve Mahurin on August 14, 2000.


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