Catalina Goat
By Steve Mahurin

The Catalina goat is one of the most plentiful as well as widely hunted of the Texas exotics. The Catalina supposedly originated in Spain and was imported by pirates and turned loose on Catalina Island off the coast of California for meat when they returned to the island from their voyages. This figured in their common name of Catalina.

These animals can be nearly any color, but will usually be some combination of black, brown, white, or reddish brown. Large males will weigh up to 175- 180 pounds, with females tipping the scales at 80-90 pounds. A trophy Billy has horns that grow in large twists, up and back and out. This is usually one of the animals that hunters start out on when they start hunting exotics.

Written by Steve Mahurin on August 14, 2000.


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