Blackbuck Antelope
By Steve Mahurin

The Blackbuck Antelope originates in India and Pakistan. Since their 1932 beginnings in Texas they have grown in not only numbers but popularity as one of the most hunted of the exotics.

Statistics tell us that there are more Blackbuck in the state of Texas than in the countries of their origin. In fact a few years ago some Texas ranchers got together and exported some of their animals to India participating in a restocking program.

The Blackbuck is not only one of the fastest of all land animals but one of the most beautiful. This speedster of the plains has a very unique black and white coat with elegant spiraling horns. Only mature males have the black and white color. Females are a pale brown or fawn color with white undersides like their male counterparts. Both sexes have very distinctive white rings around the eyes.

. The body size of a mature blackbuck male is approximately that of a hill country white tailed deer. Males weigh from 80 to 110 pounds. Females weigh in around 25 to 35 pounds less. An average mature buck will have horns around 16 to 18 inches long. A really good buck can sport horns in excess of 22 inches. The biggest blackbuck that I know of is one from its native India, which is a record breaking 32 inches.

Blackbuck, unlike many of the exotics, doesn't usually rely on thick brush to escape and hide from its predators but is an animal of the open plains. Here in Texas, it uses it keen eyesight and record 55 mph speed to outwit and outdistance its natural predators as well as man. One of the reasons that blackbuck are so popular with landowners is that they can be contained in fences of only four feet. The meat is tender, flavorful and has very little game taste to it.

Nearly 90% of blackbuck in Texas are restricted to the Rio Grande Plain, commonly called "South, Texas" and the Edwards Plateau, the area north and west of San Antonio. This area is commonly called the "Hill Country". Those two areas of Texas have a habitat most similar to their native India. All in all a very desirable animal to hunt both for it's beauty and it's taste on the table.

Written by Steve Mahurin on July 22, 2000.


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