Axis Deer
By Steve Mahurin

The Axis Deer is the most populous of all the exotics in the U.S. There is estimated to be around 200,000 of these beautiful and stately animals in Texas alone. The main reason that numbers can't be more specific is the large numbers of free ranging Axis. It is in fact believed that in some areas they are coming into direct competition with the native Whitetail Deer. They are in fact able to out compete with the whitetail for food since they can, not only eat all that the whitetail does but other forage that the whitetail cannot.

The Axis Deer is almost universally thought of, as the most be the most beautiful of all the wild deer. They are a reddish brown color with white under their throat, their stomach, and under the tail area. They also have a dark stripe running the full length of the back from behind the head all the way to the end of their tail. But the most striking of their coloration is the multitude of white spots dotting the whole of the upper body and their sides.

These animals originally come from the once game rich areas of India and Ceylon. Along with their spectacular coloration the horn configuration is simple but the long barrel shaped horns of the males are something that can take your breath away. The horns usually have three points to the side and sometimes curve out and up in a curve you could sit a barrel in. Not only are these animals pretty and a trophy anybody would covet, but are probably one of the best on the table as well. A good-sized male will tip the scales at around 200-250 pounds with the females weighing around a 100 pounds.

Written by Steve Mahurin on Augst 24, 2000.

Axis Deer

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