Addax Antelope
By Steve Mahurin

The Addax antelope hails from the Sahara Desert region originally. From WWII to modern times this antelope's numbers have suffered from the encroachment of civilization and motorized hunting. The Addax is now either endangered or totally missing in its entire native habitat. It is estimated that no more than 250 animals exist in the wild.

The Addax is a large bodied antelope with white to sandy coloration. Their horns make a spiral that slants back and upward. They stand around forty to fifty inches high at the shoulders. They have a prominent tuft of brown hair on their forehead and a white chevron going across their nose.


These striking animals, although endangered throughout their native habitat, have adapted well to the Texas landscape and now are thriving in huntable numbers in many areas.

Written by Steve Mahurin on August 26, 2000.


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