Handgun Cazador
By Steve Mahurin

This is a story of the taking of a Records of Exotics Cazador Slam with a handgun. The Cazador Slam consists of the Fallow Deer, Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer, Aoudad Sheep, and the Sika Deer. The first step to accomplishing this was taken in December, 1996, with a try with S & H adventures in Texas, for Fallow deer. My weapon of choice was a Thompson Contender in .375 caliber, pushing a Winchester 200 grain power point bullet, topped with a Leupold Gold Ring scope in four power. The ranch we were on was thick with tall grasses, many dense groves of saplings and wild rosebushes big enough to hide a car behind. This ended up a good hunt, but kinda funny as well as sort of frustrating. Here is how it went.

My guide and I still hunted the place for quite awhile, looking for a particular buck he knew about. When we finally spotted him we were on the edge of a grove of trees on the edge of the one decent opening on the place. The buck was feeding along on a line directly in line with a large bush, effectively blocking my line of sight for a shot. I lay along a convenient low limb using it for a rock steady hold. First, the buck would just have his head sticking out on one side of the bush, and then the other. This was about 40-50 yards away and happened at least six or eight times in a span of over 45 minutes. Thus, the frustrating part of the hunt. During this time my guide and I were pinned down by the appearance of six exotic rams meandering down a trial bout 10 yards in front of us. Then guess what showed up ? We had 18 wild hogs just wandering along behind us, the furthest away were 20 yards, the closest under five yards. That was the sort of funny part. Finally, the Spotted Fallow Buck moved slightly away from the bush. The trouble was he was pointed straight at my position, giving me the only shot, a spine shot, at around 40 yards. Not my shot of choice. I finally decided it was all or nothing. Luckily, it was all and he dropped in his tracks.

My next hunt, was back with S & H Adventures for Black Buck Antelope, one of the most beautiful of the exotics, coming from India and Pakistan. This was a particularly tough hunt, which took me three trips to get my animal. Even then I shot him late in the evening, and we finally gave up looking for him when it got to dark to see him. Luckily my guide found him, at daylight the next morning.

Next came, the stately Axis Deer, that is really pretty, mostly due to its spotted hide which it keeps year round, and its' sweeping antlers. This trip, I decided to try out a Thompson Contender in 7x30 Waters caliber with Remington ammo and another Leupold 4 power Gold Ring scope We were back with S & H Adventures and its owner and guide, Mark Strickland. We were hunting the same ranch as the previous hunt for a number of reasons. It has a good selection of exotic species as well as being near my home outside of Galveston, Texas.

Our area had been soaked by torrential rains for nearly a week dropping anywhere from 3 to 12 inches on the landscape. As we started out, we waded through water and mud over our ankles. Didn't make for very easy nor silent stalking. Finally, out of sheer luck we saw our buck at about 150 yards and naturally looking straight at us, framed between two scrawny saplings. Why he stayed so long is beyond me. I was able to get a rest for my handgun against the side of a small tree. The shot was good and I had completed another step in my quest.

The hunt for my fourth animal, was for the elusive Aoudad sheep, native to the dark continent of Africa's Enni Mountains. I was shooting my Thompson Contender loaded with a .375 caliber Winchester, 200 grain soft nose bullet ,again with my Leupold Gold Ring scope. We were in the Texas Hill Country, near the town of Kerrville. It was a cool morning, for August when we set out on the hunt. Elusive is not nearly a strong enough word for Aoudad sheep. For a good part of the day we played tag with a small band of four rams. In a valley, in the brush, and finally looking down at the biggest ram from atop an 80 foot cliff, running away at 60 yards. This ram had horns 36 inches plus in length with 15 1/2 inch bases. After the scoring was done, it was determined he was the new World Record with a handgun.

The last link for my slam, was the Sika deer. The next day, after taking the Aoudad, which was August,13,1997, I was on a different ranch, hoping to get a bigger Sika than I had taken before. My guide Travis and I were searching the thickets and openings of the Black Bull Ranch. As we drove an area in which Travis had seen some good Sika bucks in the past, we had a stroke of luck. A couple of hundred yards in front of us, a decent sized feral Hog walked across an opening. Travis asked if I wanted to try for him. I thought for a moment and replied, "Why not." After about 30 minutes of hide-and-seek we saw him rooting around under a clump of cedars. One shot and he rolled over and was mine. He later qualified as Silver medal in the Record Books. A couple of hours later we spied a huge Sika buck through out binoculars. After a long game of cat and mouse, I got what we figured was the only change at a shot the buck was going to give us. It was a facing away shot at 150 plus yards. I quickly tried for what is lovingly called, "The Texas Heart Shot." My shot was slightly off center, but the buck went down in a few yards. With a finishing shot at 50-60 yards the buck was down for good. I had my Cazador Slam with a handgun.

Written by Steve Mahurin on April 22, 1999.

Steve Mahurin
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Slam Sika

Steve Mahurin
25 North Heights
La Marque, Texas 77568

Email: samahurin@comcast.net

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